The key to understanding geopolitics is:

If the situation is confusing, you're not being cynical enough.

Geopolitics is easier to understand if you ever played a highly competitive game. This can be an online game, like World of Warcraft. It has to be against other players, and your objective has to be to win.

If you played such competitive games, you understand:

  • Everything that's possible to do for an advantage, will be done. Those who do these things, win.

  • If players can coordinate for an advantage, they will. Those who coordinate best, win.

  • Against coordinated groups, uncoordinated victims have no chance. This is, as long as the victims remain confused, and lack a large advantage in numbers.

More bluntly: CHEATING AND CONSPIRING is the first thing people do, and it's central in strategies to win. Apparent paradoxes become clear if you remember this, and realize that nothing else matters.

Mass deaths don't matter. Destruction of cities and countries does not matter. Deaths from starvation do not matter. Destruction of currencies and economies does not matter. Plunging people into poverty and illness does not matter. All of these things can be useful and needed, if you understand that the objective is to win.

It helps to read some background for the right mindset, so you truly understand what this means. I suggest reading The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in Bill Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse. If you read this, you don't even have to read some other books, such as The Devil's Chessboard, to know the gist.

Case in point. The Biden family is obviously corrupt and bribed by China. Their regime is weakening the US economy and military. Yet, the United States is preparing for a war with China. More than that, they are instigating a World War 3 with China and Russia. They are setting this up in the next few years. How is this?

If the world is like a body, the body is run by the head. The head are central bankers. Their tentacles – the nervous system of the brain – run deeply in every country. Including countries that think they are enemies.

The body's buttocks are one country. The arm and hand are an alliance of other countries. When the central banker wants to scratch his ass, he moves the arm and scratches with the hand. The butt experiences this as force and violence. This could mean a war. It could be regime change instigated by the arm and hand.

The arm and hand are made to believe this is a righteous war, a righteous regime change. They might believe they are protecting their national interests, upholding human rights, or whatever works to convince individuals to support assassinations and bombings. They could be convinced that they're a superpower, that it's their righteous mission to police and organize the world. But it is just the hand scratching the ass.

If you're a group of people with the power to print money; and your objective is to eventually own everything, to have a central brain in total control of everything that lives; then you organize forces like this:

  • You separate your forces into different silos. Call them Silo A, Silo B, and Silo C.

  • Each country, or alliance of countries, is such a silo.

  • In each country, the major parties are such silos.

  • The different agencies and branches of a government are such silos.

  • You convince each silo that the others are potential enemies. Silo A is in conflict with silos B and C. Silo B is in conflict with A and C. Silo C is in conflict with A and B.

  • If you lose control over any one silo, you can now regain it using your other silos.

  • As long as each silo thinks the others are a threat, they don't go after you, the brain.

It is sufficient to place a conspirator in charge of each silo. So, you put someone like Fauci in charge of NIAID. Now you control the "settled science" on medical research, infectious diseases and vaccines.

The conspirator in charge of each silo makes sure the silo doesn't develop "tumors." These tumors are independent thinkers; people trying to do the right thing. The role of someone like Fauci is to suppress research into vaccines and AIDS, among other things. The role of an editor of a major news outlet is to suppress unwelcome kinds of reporting. The role of major party leadership is to suppress ideas that escape the straitjacket of simply opposing the other party, ideas which draw attention to the grand scheme.

You use abortion as a wedge issue. You use transgenderism as a wedge issue. You use feminism as a wedge issue. Each party is in charge of inventing problems which the opposing party can fight. This way, you get healthy competition between the silos, and no one looks at who's pulling the strings.

In the US vs. China, the objective is not for the US to win, or for China to win. The objective is to only ever increase control over both the US and China, and to achieve desired structural changes in each.

In the US, the changes include abolishing the Constitution in everything but name. It means to eliminate gun ownership, economic freedom and free speech. You can't have centralized control, and also free speech.

Large-scale losses of life and limb, well-being and property do not matter. When the bombs fall, when deadly vaccines are injected, the central bankers will know where to be. They plan to emerge as a solution to the problems they create, in a way that cements their undisputed control, over and above everything.

What should you do about this?

This works because people comply. They don't see or do the right thing.

So see the right. Do the right thing. Confront others around you to also see and do the right thing.