Follow-up to my yesterday's post about Maui.

Current opinion:

  • Intentional mass destruction and mass murder.
  • Direct energy weapons likely.
  • Measures to minimize warning, shut down firefighting, prevent escape.
  • Intent to maximize material loss and deaths.
  • Measures to minimize factual discovery and reporting, during and after event.
  • Deaths vastly underreported.
  • Hundreds of children dead. Bereaved, homeless parents more likely to move and sell land.
  • Legislation in place for land grab. Redevelopment plans tabled beforehand.
  • Purpose to uproot an obstinate population, reimagine the island, and promote climate change.

Politically, the way to understand this is that Maui is a remnant, a last foothold, of Hawaiian nationalists. Since World War 2, there has been nothing that our controllers fear more, and hate more, than nationalism. This has to be annihilated everywhere it exists. In its bud. They freely throw innocent people in prison. The US has hundreds of J6 prisoners that went through sham trials and got absurd sentences for childlike ideas. Any kind of nationalism is almost illegal in Europe. Imprisoned on pretext. Germany is trying to ban AfD.

The total destruction of Lahaina is the ultimate act of conquest. Annihilation of a weakened ideological opponent. This especially includes killing children. Obviously, they are getting themselves some nice land. But by liberally killing the children, they're snuffing out Hawaiian nationalism forever. This could backfire.

Legal help

Edward Dowd posted: "[Mike Yoder] is offering legal services to those who have lost their homes and are afraid of the land grabbers." Perhaps this helps someone.

Latest developments and reports

When asked about Maui, Biden has repeatedly had no comment. This is their usual pattern of behavior when bad things are unfolding just the way they want. He later finally made a grand statement.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green: "I'm already thinking of ways for the state to acquire that land."

The good Governor just happens to be Jewish. Raised in Pittsburgh, born in New York. Interesting choice to represent the people of Hawaii, who were overthrown 130 years ago. 0.5% of Hawaii residents are Jewish.

The Maui Emergency Chief, Herman Andaya, says the sirens were not sounded on purpose. They could have confused people. It's better that they were not sounded at all.

Man makes multiple claims:

  • Recent legislation prevented new building permits unless a "serious natural disaster" occurs.
  • Insurance companies have been denying claims, alleging zoning infractions.
  • Developers have been calling people, making offers to buy distressed land.

Geoff Cygnus claims authorities are telling residents that, if they leave their house, they cannot come back. "So they are deciding what water we drink, what food we eat, where we go, who we talk to. I can't get out and do my normal job and I'm getting all this pushback." He says similarly bad things happened in Florida that he was silenced from discussing.

Woman describes roadblocks and sea barriers preventing aid deliveries. Video clips show dozens of desperate people wading deeply in water to receive supplies brought by yachts and jetskis.

Second excellent Reese Report about Maui. First one here.

ReallyGraceful also has a second installment (part 1 here). Notable:

  • Authorities are preventing deliveries by road. People worked around that and got supplies by sea. I believe they then also blocked the sea route.
  • Authorities are requiring permission to go to your home, with long queues.
  • People are having to choose between living out of a car, so they can get food, water and medication, but they cannot return home. Or they can stay home, and get only what the authorities deliver.

People who drink the provided water are reporting getting "extremely ill", with chills and 104 °F fevers.

The intent appears to be to get people to abandon their homes. The buildings can then be condemned, the land rezoned, and survivors must sell or forfeit.

Tennille and James Bruggeman, survivors, spoke to Newsmax. Tennille: "They sent all the kids home from school because of the wind advisory. And we found out yesterday that we lost a whole neighborhood of children." James: "Yes. Horrifically, Lahainaluna housing area, all the kids were home. One of our coworkers messaged us yesterday saying every one of his friends in the neighborhood is dead."

Aerial photographs of Lahaina, before and after.

The fires in Maui melted metals, while trees stand.

Panorama stills from a previous fire, I believe in California. Neighborhood "destroyed by wildfires." Houses are surgically incinerated. Trees right next to the rubble are alive and green. Other nearby houses intact.

Ross Hart, a resident of Kula, Maui, says water was shut off during the fires: "We were winning the game – but then the water turned off." In another video, he states firemen could not refill their trucks.

The decision to withhold water is being credited to Kaleo Manuel, Deputy Director of the Commission on Water Resource Management. He was named 2019 Asia Pacific Leader by the Obama Foundation.

A local celebrity, Fish, a street vendor, stated: "So I went around back to Front Street, and all the cars were lined up, but none of them were moving. I walked all the way from Safeway to Chart House, not one car had moved. I was wondering what was stopping the traffic. There was a policeman. I got to the end, I looked up north, there were no obstructions, there was no reason to keep those cars there." - "Are you serious?" - "I'm serious as a heart attack. I said, what are you doing? He goes, well I'm under orders to keep them here. I said, the fire is right around Safeway. It's gonna hit Front Street. These people gotta get out of here. And he said, I'm following orders." - "No way." - "I keep walking down the highway, I look behind, no cars are coming out. I walked all the way to Wahikuli Beach, still no cars coming out. I started hearing boom, boom, boom. Then I heard people screaming and stuff." - "You're saying they were blockaded in by the police? At the end of Front Street?" Fish nods heavily. "Yeah." - "Like, where that restaurant is?" - "Where the Chart House was." - "There was a blockade there and they could not go any further?" - "Right. I walked all the way from Safeway to there, no. Not one car had moved." "I went all the way to, like I said, the Civic Center, then I started hearing all the explosions. There was no one walking behind me, or on bicycles, or anything."

To visualize what Fish is describing:


Police Chief John Pelletier was not disciplined in September 2022, after three employee complaints alleging a hostile work environment. They were squeezing out the non-compliant. This same guy was the "incident commander" for the Las Vegas 2017 mass shooting – a widely suspected operation and coverup.

Man claims: "The national news is not telling you what's really going on. I've heard that they've got 400 body bags already full and they've ordered 400 more. I don't know what truth there is to that, but these are all coming from people who are talking to first responders, paramedics, firemen, telling their friends this is what's really going on."

A flight attendant relates information from a shuttle driver. He said he volunteers collecting bodies from burned buildings and works part-time in the morgue. He says over 480 people confirmed dead, after going through only 13% of Lahaina. Remains are unrecognizable, just bones. No more room in the island morgue, they are shipping in containers to hold body bags. During fires, people were running into the ocean to escape. "The flames came so fast, burned all the boats, went over the surface of the ocean and was just burning people left and right. People were burning in their cars."

Climate change fortune-telling

The climate change alarmist book Fire and Fury: The Story of the 2023 Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change was published on Amazon. The synopsis claims the book describes the events of August 8-11. The publication date is August 10.

I spent the entire day yesterday, and another half-day today, writing just these two blog posts. Meanwhile, "Dr. Miles Stones" types up a whole book in 2 days, also covering events of the next day. Amazing!

Directed energy

The Air Force Research Laboratory, which has a location in Maui, at Haleakala Observatory, boasts about Directed Energy on what looks like an official website.

Multiple observers in Lahaina state there were strong, chaotic wind gusts in unpredictable directions. But the weather station in Kahului recorded 41 mph gusts at most. This seems consistent with a direct energy weapon heating air locally. Pockets of super-heated air would cause chaotic gusts, but only nearby.

People who think there was no DEW are likely expecting it to be visible. A microwave DEW is just as visible as the rays in your kitchen microwave. The only thing you would see is that fires start and spread fast.

Retired USAF Brigadier General Charles Jones: "These white aircraft spray trails are the result of scientifically verifiable spraying of aluminum particles and other toxic heavy metals, polymers and chemicals. Millions of tons of aluminum and barium are being sprayed almost daily across the US. Just sprinkle aluminum or barium dust on a fire and see what happens. It's near explosive. When wildfires break out, the aluminum/barium dust results in levels of fire intensity so great as to cause firefighters to coin a new term – 'firenados'. The entire U.S., in addition to various other NATO countries, are being sprayed."

Once sprayed, these particles can be ignited in any number of ways, including microwave direct energy.

Textual reports

The police blockaded people into a kill-box:

"Another message about Maui from a different friend of mine whom I also have known for years and trust:

I asked my friend in Maui - Any truth to any of the "Maui police blockaded escape routes" or "Maui police blockaded roads before the fire"?

He responded with - Yes. Truth in BOTH

My uncle was one of the survivors who can contest to that. That's how he got trapped.

When they realized there was a fire - a bunch of people on foot and in their cars tried to made their way to what we call "the pali," it's right after the rich people homes which didn't get touched.

There were barricades on the main roads so no one could get to the highway.

I have other friends who told me personally that authorities were there turning them away and they were FORCED into the ocean.

The authorities were telling them that it isn't safe this way. When in reality after the fires, we found out that was the safest place to be. So yes, 100% truth that people were trapped with barricades"

A previous report, through the same source:

"Firsthand Maui account from long-time friend whom I trust. Must read:

I was at Kanaapali beach from 1-13th.

Before the fire ever broke out winds ravaged the neighborhoods in lahaina. Shingles ripped off every other house it seemed. Winds were consistently 40+ for 2-3 days. 80mph gusts is what they said and i believe it, at times you had to plant your feet to not blow over walking certain ways.

The town is literally gone. Drove through it a few times. A local told me and my dad this at one point. "I owned two houses, i sold one to the government not long ago, then they burn us out and wont let us back in". He also spoke of their plans to install that smart city that weve seen info on, so this was something locals were well aware of. They intentionally cut cell service and internet. Im beyond convinced of this. We had both for 24-36 hours after the power went out. Then all of a sudden we didnt. They were trying to run people out of lahaina, and perhaps trying to fuck up all the residents in the process as the internet and cell service went just hours before the fire hit the town.

Another local said the towns reservoir was bone dry, and accused that of being intentional. Im not too familiar on what he meant but im guessing this would be emergency water to fight fires based on how he said it but i could be wrong there, he was livid about this though and owned a couple businesses in lahaina.

There was no energy weapon imo. There was a ton of wind. It appears to be a planned fire and comtrolled/directed fire. There was no firefighting that fire that hit lahaina, they were allegedly all fighting a different one at the time it became dangerous. The winds were changing directions with every gust it seemed, though it had kinda been like that (swirling winds) for a couple days i remember standing on the beach watching it burn with my dad and saying something about how it was changing direction but not swirling, just every gust hit you from a different way (and i wasnt thinking much of that at the time, may be useless info anyways)

Only other thing ill say was police/national guard bluntly told us to fly home without our stuff when we got trapped outside of our hotel, they had people sit in cars for 5+ days, locals werent even allowed back in til day 4, but you basically had to choose between a roof and a bed and cell service, and with flights changing a lot of us got hosed because of no cell service. Families were split up for days. Worst one i heard was The Whaler resort announced on intercom it was looking for volunteers to help locals get to south end of island. Guy volunteers. Does not get back to his family now, been separated for 36 hours when we saw him. Not sure if he made it back. (We made it back catching a catamaran delivering supplies, they were happy to take us back, free of charge but i forced them to take some money for supplies).

But after being there and seeing it, i think the most logical explanation is this was a fire whether opportunistic or intentionally started that was allowed or directed into lahaina. Land will change hands. They make land change hands easier if lots of death occurs since anyone living there will be glad to relinquish a home they lost loved ones or with so much tragedy around it. So i assume this land will get bought up pretty easily compared to before. Government was clearly already buying property.

As for posts you see about so and so mansion is fine. I saw plenty of nice homes. Theres usually no fuel around them, isolated mansions with rock around the property or sand. Just no timber or dried shrub. In fact the odd house still stood in the lower end neighborhood. Usually was a house with no tree in yard and some rock work somewhere. Though the fire was burning so hot as you see in some videos youd think itd melt the ones left standing, the winds were so active that it was pretty crazy seeing the glow and flame watching from a mile away.

Anyways figured id send this since i was there. Dont care if you use it. Just leave my @ and whatnot out."

Someone else's opinions and links:

After the devastating fire in Lahaina, the government wants you to know it is on track to quickly “build back better”. Below is a compilation of concerning articles, and policy changes, that are causing many to wonder if this was a planned crisis, or one that the government was overly eager, and eerily prepared to exploit… The lack of warning sirens, the lack of emergency fire response, water supply supposedly turned off to the town (preventing citizen fire mitigation), odd characteristics of the blaze, the extreme under counting of casualties, the denial of needed items in the recovery phase, denial of recovery assistance, and a repulsive offer of only $700 in federal aid to the victims, etc. are a few of the issues that are raising eyebrows.

Most worrisome however, is that there was a plan in place to bring Maui into the Agenda 2030 framework by replacing and modernizing land and infrastructure to conform to the new era of totalitarian control in pursuit of “sustainability”. Official policy was changed as recently as July 2023 to allow development of protected lands that were previously off limits. Climate change is the next chapter of global subjugation, after the Covid test of global compliance, and many believe this fire will be used as a call to action… We are told we have entered the era of “global boiling”, and “the pyrocene age”, or age of fire. It seems we have entered an era of opportunistic ignition: in pursuance of agenda 2030 sustainability goals, when conditions are right, wildfires will increase in frequency and severity. The purpose of this dangerous action would be to convince people that human activity is causing climate change; the result being widespread fires, and the solution of course, is the total control of humanity. According the World Economic Forum, by 2030, you will own nothing and be happy. By inducing fear, and weaponizing virtue, the public is expected to support the implementation of draconian restrictions on individual liberty, in order to prevent climate change, the latest “science” we aren’t allowed to dispute. Those of us who enjoy life, encourage you to resist this agenda. Although the plan is in motion, if enough of us refuse to play along, we won’t be confined to a pod, where our only joy is virtual, and our meals are made of crickets.

Now let’s check out the disturbing reality that’s unfolding in Maui...

“Hawaii Governor Josh Green earlier this month (July, 2023) issued an executive order intended to spur housing construction in the state. The “Emergency Proclamation Relating to Housing,” as the order was titled, suspends state and county laws focusing on land use, historic preservation, and environmental review.

According to an article by Stewart Yerton for Honolulu Civil Beat, the governor cited a state law “giving the governor broad power to suspend laws that impede a response to emergencies such as natural disasters or the coronavirus pandemic” to issue the executive order. “In this case, the emergency is a shortage of housing and the response is to lower regulatory barriers to building homes,” reports Yerton.”

Gov. Green discussing his intention to have the state acquire Lahaina after the fire and create workforce housing: (with article above)

The state will take the land according to governor Green:

“We’re in an age of fire” (they want you terrified)

Shelby Thomson Interview - Locals Convinced Maui Fires Not Accident As Evidence Suggests Foul Play:

Disturbing questions about the fire:

Were the Maui wildfires caused by directed energy weapons?

Odd characteristics of the fire - a perfect ellipse

Maui: Plans for a high tech prison island?

Jeff Bezos has donated $100 million to the recovery effort and has pledged $10 billion to fight climate change in support of agenda 2030 goals:

The Bezos Earth Fund was established with the largest philanthropic commitment ever to fight climate change and protect nature. The $10 billion grant commitment will be disbursed by 2030, the date by which the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals must be achieved. We aim to harness the best of human ingenuity, adaptability, and collective action to create a future in which everyone can thrive.

Peggy Hall - We Will "BUILD BACK BETTER!" WEF'er -- Gov JOSH GREEN

Suspicious planning for Lahaina land in place prior to the fire?

Hawaii’s SMART transformation (Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology)

Hawaii digital government summit September 25, 2023

The government of Hawai'i states goal for rebuild is to make the entire island of Maui the first Smart ISLAND. They want the entire island governed by AI as outlined in the Hawai'i Digitial government summit of 2023 that they have planned to host next month Monday, September 25, 2023 on Maui.

More information about smart cities Hawaii:

“Hitachi recently announced that it has begun operations on the demonstration site for the "Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project" (commonly referred to as the "JUMPSmartMaui") on the island of Maui, Hawaii, in collaboration with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Cyber Defense Institute, Inc. An opening ceremony was held on Maui to coincide with the launch of site operations.”