The older you are, the more the Covid vaccines increase, not decrease, your risk of "infection:"



The-powers-that-be tried to get the study retracted, for no reason. The journal has been resisting:

"I can confirm that we were contacted by the corresponding author with a request to retract. However, we have determined that there is no basis for retraction and therefore it will remain published," Graham Parker-Finger, director of publishing and customer success for Cureus, told The Epoch Times via email.

Anyone who continues to get these vaccines can expect effects including:

  • Heart attacks in 0 to 5 years due to irreparable damage to the heart muscle and micro-clotting.

  • Rubbery clots, not made of blood, which lead to strokes, limb damage and pulmonary embolisms.

  • Neurological issues, from weeks of paralysis to chronic and debilitating involuntary spasms.

  • Autoimmune disorders, from rashes to new-onset diabetes, even with no history of issues.

  • Aggressive cancers, including new and resurfaced, which kill in 2 weeks to 1 year of diagnosis.

When this happens, you'll be gaslit that it could not be the vaccines. You will be told that no one knows. The scientists are still researching. It could be because, at some point in the past two years, you had Covid: