I'm frankly tired of playing journalist. I want to develop software. But I can't develop software when people are almost succeeding in destroying the world.

TLDR: This is not your war. You should not support either side. You should think extremely cynically of those who suggest otherwise. If your country is involved, it is involved in evil.

To a naive person, with the memory of a goldfish, the trusting nature of a baby, and the knowledge of a duck, it seems Hamas is the horrible party. Such a dastardly attack, killing and injuring thousands of innocents. So unexpected! 9/11! Pearl Harbor!

That's actually true - if you understand 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

9/11 was an attack carried out by the supposed victim government. Pearl Harbor was provoked, expected, and allowed to happen by the same government. The purpose was to justify and empower it to carry out extremely evil policies and actions. The achieved goal was to change the world in long-term awful ways.

Implausible surprise

Efrat Fenigson explains the implausibility of a Hamas surprise attack:


A former IDF soldier expresses a similar opinion:

Longer version of source video.

Defense on vacation

Here's how Hamas fighters poured through the border fence:

There's a huge hole in the fence. There is one destroyed tank.

Where is the rest of the army? Where are the Israel Defense Forces?

American weapons

After the attacks, Palestinians were celebrating with American assault rifles:

Video of the celebration.

Where did the weapons come from? One possibility is Ukraine:

But Ukraine is run by the CIA. Zelensky is an actor, and the rest of the country is a CIA dictatorship.

Ignored warnings

Egypt's intelligence knew it:

This is as cut-and-dry as you can have it. People at this level don't stay in their seats if they're inept. If they were warned repeatedly, and it still happened - then they were warned of nothing but their plans.

Who enabled the attacks?

The normally scrutinized border was left undefended. This suggests Mossad.

Hamas is well-armed with American rifles. This suggests CIA.

This is an inside job through and through, and the purpose is... Conquest!

What about Iran?

Iran is of secondary significance. The $6 billion of Iran's own money which Biden unfroze is a red herring. I bet the CIA did help with the attacks. But it didn't do so by the US "being negligent" with Iran's $6 billion.

The globalist cabal does want a war with Iran eventually, and pinning things on Iran is a way to provoke this. If they didn't want war, they would suppress any mention that Iran did anything bad, even if it did.

The Israeli mindset

The war purpose of Israel is well-explained by Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel, head of the High Yeshiva of Army Veterans in the West Bank settlement of Eli.

"When we discuss war in Israel, in Eretz Israel, we must note two aspects. There is one aspect of Pikuach Nefesh - saving Jewish life. [Emphasis: Jewish life, not other life!]

But there is a different aspect not related to saving souls. We are in no danger. Our hand is strong. It is our duty to conquer! A duty explained by Rambam, a holy commandment, to conquer Eretz Israel [the Land of Israel]. It is our duty to conquer. And since we are commanded to conquer, it overrides the Sabbath.

Even if not one bullet was fired at us; even if the residents of Gaza, who are not Sons of Israel [Jewish], would be constantly offering us flowers, with love letters and drawings of hearts, we would be obliged on the Sabbath to start a war to conquer Eretz Israel. If they are willing to give us back the land of Israel - very good. If not - it needs to be conquered.

This is our land. Our holy land. God has promised us this land and commanded us to inherit it. 'And you shall inherit the land.'

When Israel was established, we had conquests. The war of independence [1948] had two facets. On one hand, there was the element of defense. There were places that were attacked. The Jewish settlement in Zfat was attacked. There were convoys that were attacked. Places were attacked and needed defense. This was one aspect of the 1948 war.

But there was another aspect. In the war of independence, there were some very large operations which had nothing to do with defense. Their purpose was clearly conquest. Conquest of territories that were not designated to us by the UN. Areas not included in the Partition Plan. All the Negev - was a huge takeover. All the Negev. No one attacked us from the Negev. Till Eilat. Did anyone shoot at us from Eilat? Were we threatened? There was not one Jewish soul there. Conquest!"

The good rabbi continues to explain just how far this conquest must go. The minimalist interpretation extends beyond current boundaries of Israel into Egypt, and at least half of Lebanon:

Success so far

The success, of course, is in terms of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The land rights of Palestinians are not recognized. They are treated like cockroaches, squatters, that need to be exterminated and removed:

As recently as 1947, all of this land was called Palestine:

Injuries and deaths from this conflict, 2008 - 2020, per the UN:


  • 5,590 Palestinian deaths;
  • 251 Israeli deaths.

The situation at this point is:

  • 9 - 10 million Israelis
  • 3 million Palestinians in West Bank
  • 2 million Palestinians squeezed in the Gaza strip

Palestinians are cut off from the world. They can enter and exit only with Israel's permission. Israel controls their access to food, water, medicines, gas, and electricity.

Here is Israel's army in 2021, pouring fortified cement into a Palestinian water spring in West Bank, north of Hebron, to deny Palestinians access to water:

That now allows them to do this:

Why war now?

Here's one reason:

Distraction from what?

Distraction is not just for the worldwide audience. It is for Israel, too:

"Israeli child died 3 years after appearing with his father, a pediatrician, in a government film informing children they have no choice whether to take the COVID vaccine when available.

Yonatan Erlichman was 5 years old at the time of the video, produced by Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, a regional government body."

Frontline News

"Eight-year-old Yonatan Erlichman had a fatal heart attack while he was taking a bath."

Coffee & Covid

Israel National News

Israel is one of the countries most highly vaccinated with Covid vaccines. According to rumors and conjectures, these vaccines, if you did not get a placebo, are a death sentence in 3 - 5 years.

Excess death rates in vaccinated countries are now growing. What is the perfect way to control the population, to keep them from focusing righteous anger on their governments who poisoned them?


What happens to the Palestinians?

Those who aren't familiar with how Jews think of non-Jews; those who don't realize what really happened in World War 2; may be shocked to see that Jews, of all people, are so excited about final solutions:

Ethnic cleansing is likely:


  • Israel wants an ethnically and religiously homogenous state.
  • Western countries must accept the Palestinians that Israel won't tolerate.

Western countries will do as they are told. Where does multiculturalism come from?

Value of life: exchange rates

You may be edified to learn an Israeli is worth 33 Americans:

MSNBC goes even further. It's 1 to 50:

Forget the jokes about the US counting slaves as 3/5 of a person. We are all worth 1/50 today!

Camera! Action!

When you see vivid claims of horrible atrocities, keep in mind, this is war reporting:

There is lots of real suffering and death. But "Camera! Action!" is how stories that move people are made.


Meanwhile, this is real. Residential areas of Gaza, after Israel's counterattacks:


This is a real dead baby:

What is the solution?

There are no large-scale problems, except those created by central bankers.

Problems exist as long as they are useful. They end when they are no longer of use.

The creation of Israel was arranged by the Rothschilds. It's a reward from central banks for the loyalty of many Jews who serve the world-control machine in key positions - from governments to billionaires.

The Israel Supreme Court is built by the Rothschilds, full of Freemasonic symbolism:

The grounds include a Dorothy de Rothschild Grove:


The Palestinian conflict persists because of the central banks. Through governments, intelligence services and the media, they empower the spirit of conquest in Israelis, as well as the violent resistance.

The conflict can end, if we just disempower the people who keep it alive.

Why is Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel in charge of raising new generations? Why is the man not a kook in his house, with no more impact than a blog?

Most people of influence who are empowered in this world, are empowered top-down by bankers. They are chosen to lead us into destructive ends, which we would otherwise not choose.

Most everyday people simply want peace. That includes Jews and Palestinians.

For peace and prosperity - spread awareness. Empower good people. Say no to bankers.