On November 30, a New Zealand database administrator went public with Covid vaccine mortality data. His claims are along these lines:

  • People were dying almost straight away after being injected.

  • Most deadly vaccine batch is associated with a 21% death rate. 1 in 5 people who received a vaccine from this batch are now dead.

  • The 10 deadliest people who injected the shots are associated with 60 to 239 deaths - most of them over 100.

If these deaths were caused or hastened by vaccination, few military snipers can brag with such high kill counts. These data make serial killers like Zodiac look like literal pedestrians.

Watch the interview by Liz Gunn:

Tweeted by Kim Dotcom.

Key information that's not disclosed are the ages of the dead. Vaccine harm denialists can retort: "Oh, this must just be the batches used in hospices and nursing homes. It's just the staff who gave the shots there."

This does not hold water, because:

  • Vaccination of everyone else was supposed to protect the weakest. People who would die soon after vaccines anyway were not in a state to receive them. Even "safe" injections would challenge their bodies and hasten their deaths. Toxic injections would kill them more so.

  • Age-standardized mortality in highly vaccinated countries shows a never before seen increase, immediately following vaccination, but not in the Covid "pandemic" before the vaccines were given.

Simon Goddek:

So, what happened to this whistleblower?

The New Zealand authorities did the maximum possible to show his claims are legitimate:

  • He has been raided, arrested and charged with "accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes."

  • They put in place an injunction to prevent any publishing of the data.

Archived article. Tweets by Kim Dotcom, Steve Kirsch, HopeRising19.

A second person who backs up the whistleblower has also been raided. Liz Gunn:

As people usually underplay this, Liz says this is on the level of Watergate. It's not on the level of Watergate. It's on the level of the Holodomor, World War II, or the Bolshevik revolution.

We continue to see sudden deaths of the vaccinated every day. Here is just one:

Note that his Freemason ring did not protect him.

He was right about the smartphones, though: they are for mass surveillance and compliance. They are key to implementing Central Bank Digital Currencies.