Love and beauty make existence worth it. Life would be sorry indeed, if not for the pleasant experiences.

Some people value both beauty and truth. Most only value the pleasant experiences.

Truth is the foundation of what's pleasant and beautiful. To seek what's pleasant, but not what's true, is to reach for the fruit while cutting down the tree that bears it.

Truth is that principle which has an effect whether we believe it or not; whether we see it or not; whether we like it or not; whether we want it or not. Truth is that which is ultimately unavoidable.

Knowledge of truth allows better decisions. Decisions which avoid harm; which increase understanding of truth, and so increase pleasure and beauty. Decisions which preserve, extend and create life.

Avoidance of truth invites poor decisions. Decisions resulting in harm, injury, suffering, pain and death. Decisions which do not increase pleasure and beauty, even while seeking pleasant emotions.

Most people value pleasant experiences, but not truth. This is a death cult. They throw parties, give presents, help each other, flatter each other, in pursuit of pleasant emotions. But digging for truth is unpleasant, so they avoid it. So they poison each other, bankrupt each other, enslave each other, give each other cancer, harm and sterilize each other's children, all in the name of love and pleasant emotions.