Recent stabbings at a Sydney shopping mall left 6 people dead:

There's now been a second stabbing of Orthodox priest Mar Mari Emmanuel. It was livestreamed:

This is the same priest that was outspoken about Covid, vaccines, and the globalist schemes:

Emmanuel's videos were widely shared. He has been right about everything I've seen him say.

The stabber assaulted him for insulting Islam and the prophet. That's probably not the real reason.

I'm betting this is the real reason:

This deal is so shameful, the details are secret to "protect Australia's reputation".

I bet this "defense deal" is that Australia pays and aids Israel. In return, Israel "scratches" Australia's back. Mossad organizes stabbings like this, and Israel is shielded from liability.

This is the same principle as the governments' agreements with Pfizer. Pfizer poisons each country's population. In return, each country shields Pfizer, so it gets complete immunity from injuries and deaths.