We are told Dr. Andreas Noack has died. In this video, a woman who appears to be pregnant with his child explains he was violently attacked ("heftig angegangen") shortly after an interview, and did not survive. This comes a few days after his video about the effects of graphene hydroxide which has been found in the injections.

Here is the video that may have cost Dr. Andreas his life:


  • Dr. Noack is a specialist in activated carbon. His doctoral thesis was about converting graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide.

  • He had joined the world leading activated carbon manufacturer. He was in charge of new activated carbon products, Europe-wide. His role was application scouting.

  • Multiple labs have found graphene oxide in vaccine samples. Dr. Noack says the data shows this is actually graphene hydroxide.

  • A piece is on the order of 50 nm long and 0.1 nm thick. It's made of hexagonal carbon structures with OH groups attached. Electrons are delocalized and move freely in the hexagonal lattice.

  • The carbon structures are extremely stable. You can make car braking pads out of this material.

  • The material is not biologically decomposable.

  • It is the sharpest imaginable structure, only 1 atom thick.

  • Since it's a hydroxide, the OH groups can split off a proton. This makes the entire structure negatively charged. The blade then behaves like an acid.

  • It suspends well in water because of the negative charge. The blades then spread homogenously in the liquid.

  • Blood vessels have epithelial cells as their inner lining. For normal blood flow, this is supposed to be extremely smooth. The graphene structures travel through the body and cut up the epithelium.

  • When labs perform toxicology tests, they do them in Petri dishes. The contents are still. This will cause the razor blades to do nothing and be unnoticed.

  • An autopsy will not find anything. No examiner imagines that the person has nanoscale blades cutting them up.

  • There are pictures of vaccine victims with coagulated blood coming out of the nose. People bleed to death on the inside.

  • The top athletes who are dropping dead have faster-flowing blood. The faster the blood flows, the more damage the razors will do.

  • You see people collapse immediately after the vaccine and have a seizure. These had bad luck. The injection goes directly into a vein and starts doing damage.

  • These injections are given to children as young as 5. The authorities say to consult with a pediatrician, but a pediatrician has no idea about graphene oxide.

  • The mRNA might be a complicated diversion. People cannot collapse so quickly after the injection due to the effects of the mRNA.

My opinions:

  • The mRNA is a separate story. These injections have more than one effect. They are intended to control, as well as kill. For plausible deniability, those who are killed must die in a variety of ways, most not right after injections.

  • Dr. Noack suggests that Austrian chancellor Schallenberg – who is forcing "vaccination" on everyone in Austria by February – must be surrounding himself with bad advisors. I say, Schallenberg comes from an Austro-Hungarian aristocratic family with strong political and banking connections. What's happening is a plot orchestrated by a globalist elite. Schallenberg is an insider in this group, and knows very well what he's doing.

So that's how we get VAERS reports like this. A boy, age 13, who never ever needed any dose of Pfizer:


By now, you must have heard of the ominous Omicron variant! Look at its terrible symptoms:

Sore muscles! Tiredness! Slight cough! Better get vaccinated for it. Pfizer and Moderna are already working on it:

Wisecrackers point out these anagrams:

Moderna = Dream On
Omicron = Moronic

I'll leave you to speculate what this means.

The cigar mafia

The "cigar" pictures are about vaccine victims with Bell's Palsy. Here's another:

Good luck!