If you haven't yet realized that Google is SkyNet, the sooner the better. Until my last post, this blog resided on BlogSpot. Google bought it in 2003. I used it because a blog with 800+ posts was hard to move.

Google bought Blogger, and many other properties, for the same reason Google exists at all. Control of all major media and technology companies has been concentrating over decades in the hands of a few.

The primary goal of this consolidation is to support the orderly conduct of a cultural and actual genocide. The cultural genocide is the unmitigated attack on everything that's functional about humanity: especially straight white people and the nuclear family. The actual genocide is the mandatory injections.

Once this is done, the goal of this control is to smoothen the transition into global techno-feudalism. This is designed to be no less than a revolution in how life exists on Earth. You would be correct to interpret this in the same way as a meteor was "revolutionary" for dinosaurs. If you don't perish – your individuality will.

My first post that Google censored was Shenanigans. This was removed August 2nd or 3rd, 2021. Then they left me alone until January 3, 2022, when a machine or an employee struck down the following:

It looks like Google thinks that these are some of my best posts. I agree!

If SkyNet wants to censor this, then these are definitely posts to read.